|      "How am I carrying on?" - Self Portrait
|     “This is not about feminism." - Light Study 
|      Floor: "My personal understanding of human
       relationships.", Jun.2016
     "脱,穿" (Tuo, Chuan), Nov.2015 
     improvisation #1 & #2, Sep.2015
|      "Where", June.2015 
|      Op.Peeping.II.Andante, Jan.2015
|      "I always ruin everything.", May.2014 
|      Tokyo, 2014
|     "Can You Breathe?", Jan.2014
    "I love you.", Nov.2014  - Performance
|      Adam, Nov.2013 
|      FishE Tank, 2013
Self Portrait- "How am I carrying on?"
“This is not about feminism."       - Light Study, Nov.2017
Floor: "My personal understanding of human relationships."
" 脱,穿" (Tuo, Chuan)
Improvisation #1 & #2
"I always ruin everything."
"Can You Breathe?"
"I love you."
FishE Tank
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