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2019 Chinese New Year Hot Pot Dinner

at K1

Welcome to Unit K1 Chinese New Year!

Welcome everyone to our Lovely little house, to celebrate 2019 Chinese New Year together with our favourite HOT POT. 

This New Year, we gonna hold A supper club, especially for Chinese Hotpot on Saturday, 2nd Feb 2019. In order to let us enjoy the food better, there will be three different soup base, General, Pescetarian, Vegan. And varieties of food, meat, seafood, tofu, lotus, vegs, nuts and so on and so on. Due to the food allergy, please fill the booking form carefully. 

The Chinese New Year hot pot will charge £10 per person. This fee isn't for profit, it will help us to feed 30 people with a wild variety of amazing Chinese food and gain the confirmation of your attendance. 
Please feel free to bring your own drinks.

Anyway, it might sound really formal what I said above but the truth is, it's a just a dinner that we want to celebrate with our friends and families. It's just a great opportunity that we can be gathered together, be eating and drinking and laughing. 
To wish each other a better year in 2019.


P.S: This year's theme is     CRAZY RICH ASIAN!     

Please wear whatever you feel comfortable with your upcoming food babe and looks fancy. 


Best wishes


Please click the "HOTPOTTTT!!!!!" button for the payment and remember to fill the booking form which it won't take more than 1 mins for you. 



Sat, 2nd of Feb, 2019, 7:30 PM –

Sun, 3rd of Feb, 2019, 2:00 AM GMT

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Arena Design Centre

Unit K1, 71 Ashfield Road, London N4 1FF

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